Stefano Capuzzi, born in Brescia in 1975, he lives and works in Brescia (Italy)His big dimension paintings develop clashing match between gestual thronging which is typical of informal art, and linguistic Instances of reproducibility, and rational measurability which are typical of modernist traditions.Organic structures, abstract forms, silhouettes, patterns, become fields of crashes and affirmation of colours and tones, the space organisation has been delegated to colours contrast.The apparent global order, continually contradicted by the continuous show of elementary chromatic interaction, opens itself to the unforeseeable, the aleatory, the shipwreck of the forms efforts which try to ration.Even if unequivocally rooted in the modernist tradition, capuzzis painting recalles cultural affirmations far away from figurative arts. hes able to get closer to serial music whichis also close to the free-jazz improvisation experience and accidental Construction of Burroughss cut-up.He starts to paint just by change, through digital images and the hig-tech programs.Capuzzi paints a pointillist-precisionist universe and he introduces the architectural element where theres no more realism but uncontrolled explosion of form.from The revenge of the abstract Luca Beatrice ARTE n 386 october 2005if you think about the kind of synthesis you need to make any flag or coat of arms, then you realize how political it is to disperse your own concentration for a Hypertrophic complexity and how mach it is economically, socially, and philosophically relevant


2012 Suplex Brescia, Italy
2010 SOMMA E DIFFERENZA Fabio Paris Art Gallery Brescia
2008 Fabio Paris Art Gallery BresciaGroup show:
2008 Fabio Paris Art Gallery Art Basel '08 Basel2008 Fabio Paris Art Gallery Miart'08 Milan
2007 SPA+A_ International Gallery Of Moderm Art CA PESARO Venice2006 Gallery Lo Greco Venice
2006 Fabio Paris Art Gallery Arte Fiera Bologna
2005 Fabio Paris Art Gallery Artissima Turin1998 4 sullaltalena (4 on the swing), gallery Luciano Inga-Pin Milan, Italy


Art 418 June 2008
Art 336 October 2005
Flash Art Italy 272 October-November